The Art of ASMR

Since I started studying and practising Asmr techniques, I have found that two of its main components are doing things slowly and quietly.

It is harder than it sounds.

We live in a fast paced world, of fast food and fast cars and we do a lot of rushing. Instant gratification.

So I am having to force myself to slow down as if I have all the time in the world.

I might be doing dishes, for instance, and suddenly become aware that I am scrubbing at an almost frantic pace and making a racket. So I will take a deep breath or two, and deliberately slow down, and try to make as little sound as possible.

I start to unwind a little, breath a little deeper, and then the magic of Asmr happens..the atmosphere seems to change.. the pace of life slows down, and with it comes a feeling of peace and contentment. So the act of washing dishes becomes pleasurable.

It is the same with doing Henna, for example.   I have seen artists who can do a complicated pattern very quickly. But traditionally, the whole experience of having henna is about taking some peaceful time out while the henna is being applied and is drying, which can take several hours. No doing chores or rushing around…just relaxing and letting yourself be cared for and pampered for a little while.  So I take my time doing body art, and it relaxes both of us.

Maybe ASMR can help us all learn to slow down a little.





ASMR: Touch and Oxytocin

In addition to calming us down and reducing our stress response, a friendly touch also increases release of the oxytocin — also called the “cuddle hormone” — which affects trust behaviors.

“Oxytocin is a neuropeptide, which basically promotes feelings of devotion, trust and bonding,” Hertenstein says.

Oxytocin levels go up with holding hands, hugging — and especially with therapeutic massage. The cuddle hormone makes us feel close to one another.

The science of ASMR

Here is an article about the importance of touch.


how a simple stroke of the skin can alter an individual’s health and behavior.





And others  about how petting a dog causes the release of ocytocin in the brain..

It has also been shown that oxytocin increases looking at the eye-region of faces in humans[52], and based on this finding one could expect a general relationship between the oxytocin system and looking at the eyes/face of humans.

This same positive feedback in oxytocin release occurs when a mom gazes at her newborn infant, studies have shown.


‘Another line of research has identified several underlying neural, hormonal and genetic mechanisms that contribute to human sociality. Special attention has been devoted to the oxytocin system [15]. The central actions of oxytocin include regulating reproductive behavior, mother-offspring attachment [16] and social memory [17]. Due to its peripheral effects oxytocin is mostly known as female hormone, but it affects socio-cognitive capacities in both women [18]and men [19], although there might be differential effects [20]. Moreover the oxytocin system is involved in several neurological disorders such as autism, depression and social anxieties.’


Connect the dots, and you get ASMR.